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Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning.

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4/2/10 Sprucing Up Your Trees


Trees are one of nature’s most beautiful emblems. Tall, poignant and full of leafy green branches, trees are great ways to decorate your lawn. Unfortunately, your NJ maid service likely doesn’t moonlight as a tree upkeep service—and in order to keep them neat and trim, you’ll need to either hire a specialist or work up some elbow grease on your own.


To clean your own trees in time for warm weather, start by trimming off old growth. Large, dead branches can be jostled by the wind, crashing down on houses or property and causing large amounts of damage. Carefully saw off old branches making sure you are out of the path of falling debris. Once the limb is removed and has landed on the ground, chop it into small pieces for firewood or bundle sticks together to be collected by your town’s DPW.


If your trees are located near power lines, call your local electric company to remove branches that might come over in gusty spring storms. Even healthy branches can snap in a gale, blacking out an entire neighborhood for hours. Never approach power lines yourself, and always leave this dangerous work to a seasoned professional no matter how small it may seem.


Many trees, such as the maple and oak, produce seeds and acorns that can pile up in your yard. Rake these up in small batches as they fall, keeping your lawn neat and tidy. An added bonus: the raking stimulates healthy grass growth. Bag fallen seeds or shred them, but avoid using them as compost while intact as they will sprout and create a root-filled maze.


If you notice caterpillars or other crawling pests taking to your trees, curb their travels by wrapping double-sided clear tape along the bark at several points. Insects will stick to the tape, deterring others from following. After several weeks, the tape can be removed and the tree should remain somewhat protected. Use a safe deterrent spray to keep bugs away for good, though avoid harsh insecticides that can kill plants and animals and seep into ground water.


Trees should always appear healthy and upright. If your arbors begin drooping or show other signs of infestation such as white fungal growth, call your tree specialist immediately. If addressed immediately, many diseases and issues can be corrected. However, after even a season of neglect, a 200-year old tree can be ravaged to its core. The key to healthy trees in your yard is to keep an eye on them.


It’s true: your domestic cleaning services aren’t inclined to climb large trees and dust off their branches. However, by cleaning your tree’s branches and bark yourself in the spring, you’ll ensure that your trees will remain healthy for generations to come. Treat your trees like elaborate garden furniture and you’ll enjoy the tranquility their shady branches bring to hot summer days and the bursts of color they share year-round.


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