Time for a deep cleaning now that winter is gone

Now that winter

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning.

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3/26/10 Cleaning Out the Closet


While few closets actually contain skeletons, there is a very good chance they may be covered in dust, cobwebs and dingy odors. While your house cleaning service might not open the closet door on a routine cleaning, you can always request that they vacuum and dust in there. Or, better yet, you can take on the task yourself!


Start by removing all of your hanging clothes and laying them flat on your bed. Next, remove any shoes, belts or other items that may be stored in organizers. Finally, take out any remaining boxes or other items that are cluttering your space. Stack these in a corner to look through at the very end.


Once the closet is bare, work from the top down to clean it. Any dust or other particles that have settled up top will gently fall to the bottom as you clean. By vacuuming at the very end, you ensure that you’ll remove the dust completely without simply kicking it back up. Wipe down any shelves or organizers using antibacterial cleaner, and don’t forget to also scrub poles where hangers are usually located. Give the walls a good wipe and use a duster to clean cobwebs from high corners. Finish with a quick vacuuming of the floor before putting your belongings away.


Begin organizing your clothes. The best way is to sort by season and then by color. This will keep your outfits neatly organized and at arm’s reach when needed. Consider installing a small light in your closet so you can see garments before you take them out. A small battery-operated LED light costs under $10 and provides ample lighting. Next, orient the hangers in the same direction to keep the closet space neat. Return the clothes to the racks.


Next, shift your focus to the other wearable items. Organize your shoes using a shoe rack, and hang belts from extra hangers so you can see your entire collection. Neatly fold ties and t-shirts and place them inside the organizer. If you have a lot of purses or other accessories, consider purchasing a durable plastic bin to keep them clean and dry when not in use. This can be stored either on the shelving above your clothes or tucked away in the bottom of the closet.


Finally, sort through the other items you keep in your closet. Consider which pieces you use on a daily basis and which ones you rarely take out. Clean each item with a damp cloth while sorting, and place the rarely used items in a box for long-term storage. Once everything is organized, begin stacking boxes back in the closet where they belong. Do not allow the stacks to become too high as they can fall over, and always use durable boxes instead of bags (which can rip and break).


Spring is the perfect time to organize your closets. Take the time to scrub them like a New Jersey maid service would so they provide ample clean storage space for years to come!


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