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2/12/10 Streak-Free Window Cleaning


Streak-Free Window Cleaning


Don’t you just hate when you open your blinds a few minutes after scrubbing your windows and you find them streaky and grimy already? There is an art to cleaning windows, and unless your maid service is extremely thorough, you might find yourself with streaky, grimy windows soon after they leave.


The art of streak-free window cleaning is a complicated one indeed. Begin by gathering your supplies together. First, you’ll need a cleaning solution of a capful of ammonia mixed in two gallons of water. Regular soap leaves a filmy white residue on windows, but ammonia provides a powerful cleaner without streaks or greasy film. You’ll also need a sponge to apply the solution to the windows and a squeegee brush to remove it. Paper towels will be used to remove excess water, as the lint from regular towels tends to stick to glass, leaving behind unsightly flecks of color on your freshly washed window. Look for a paper towel that has a particularly papery texture, not a linen or reusable texture.


If washing indoors, place a drop cloth on the floor to catch any splashes or moisture. Fold your windows in and begin by cleaning the outside where the majority of dirt has accumulated. Swab generously with the solution-soaked sponge without letting the water pour over the window frame. Next, dampen the squeegee either in the solution or under your faucet. Starting with the top of the window frame, drag the brush in even vertical strokes over the window pane. All moisture from the top should be removed, though some will collect at the bottom of the pane.


Once you have finished removing the solution from the top of the window, use the squeegee to clean the bottom area where the water has collected with a single horizontal stroke. Remove any remaining water with the lint-free paper towels and return your window to its normal position before starting with the interior pane.


If you’re only looking to do a quick cleaning for your windows, follow these tips:

  • Use an ammonia-based cleaner designed for glass and other glossy surfaces. Antibacterial cleaners and lye-based cleaners will remove dirt from windows, but they will also leave behind a greasy film on the panes.
  • Avoid linen textured towels (paper or otherwise) when scrubbing with ammonia cleaner. These will leave tiny flecks of paper or cloth on your window, making the windows appear spotty or dirty.
  • Never clean your windows without a wet solution. You run the risk of etching the glass with specks of dust and dirt, potentially ruining the windows permanently.
  • Sweeping circular motions will remove thick films of dirt, but long, straight strokes will prevent streaks. Mix and match until your windows are sparkling.
  • Be liberal with your paper towels. Once a paper towel appears unclean, retire it and use a new sheet. If a sheet appears ragged, your skin can poke through and brush against the glass.


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