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Spring cleaning.

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1/02/2010 Getting Rid of Winter Debris


When the heat first kicks on during the winter, it can knock up a lot of dust that has fallen into your vent system. Many heating ducts are located along the sides of rooms where windows are also plentiful. If you have blinds on your windows, chances are you’ll notice a layer of dust building up on them.

Most blinds cannot be simply removed and soaked in water. Wooden slats can warp while plastic-coated metal slats are prone to rust. The components in the blinds may be destroyed by a soak, and the strings that control the open and shut positions might wear down or snap altogether. So the question is: how can you clean your blinds without ruining them?

At the grocery store, look for an electrostatic dust cloth. They are usually located in the cleaning aisle near the laundry detergents and glass cleaners. The fibers within these cloths attract dust particles and keep them clinging to the fabric while you continue wiping the rest of the slats. If you don’t want to invest in these cloths, you can also take an old, wooly sweater and rub it against another piece of fabric to build up a charge. Use the sweater as a rag to grasp any dust hiding on your blinds.

Some blinds may have seen better days several years ago. For really tough jobs, try vacuuming first. A soft hose attachment will help remove the bulk of dusty residue, leaving less for you to wipe up with a cloth later. Be sure to vacuum the slats while the blinds are closed to make the job easier.

Use a sponge with mild detergent to treat any spots or non-dust residue on the blinds. Be sure to wipe the area dry after cleaning. For tricky spots, use a slightly abrasive surface to loosen the grime before gently wiping it away. Work in a circular motion and avoid applying too much pressure. Excessive force could strip the surface of the blinds.

If the strings on your blinds are looking a bit yellow or dingy, try treating them with white shoe polish. They’ll bounce back to life and look stunning for quite some time to come. Paint very carefully with a fine paintbrush; the polish can be hard even for a reputable central NJ maid service like Maid for Mommy to get out!

Consider cleaning your blinds at least three times a year. They’re most likely to accumulate dust when the heat first kicks on, when the air conditioning is run for an extended period of time and when the windows have been closed for a few weeks on end.

To keep sunny beams streaming through slatted blinds, make sure they’re dust-free. You’ll appreciate the airy feeling the bright light gives your home!

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