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Spring cleaning.

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12/25/09 Clean Up Your 2010 New Year’s Resolutions


Clean Up Your 2010 New Year’s Resolutions


With the end of 2009 rapidly approaching, it’s time to start making New Year’s resolutions for 2010. Here are the top ten cleaning resolutions for 2010—how many do you plan to follow?


1. Steam clean your rugs and carpets. Most rugs and carpets only need to be steam cleaned every two years. However, if they’re located in a high-traffic area or if you have a large family traipsing through with muddy shoes, consider steam cleaning them annually. To properly steam clean them, use a steam cleaning machine to blast the carpet with hot water and carpet shampoo before vacuuming the wet materials up. Dirt and mold will be removed with the water and shampoo.


2. Dust the top of picture frames and ceiling lamps. If you have a house cleaning service, it should be taking care of this for you. If not, check the tops of picture frames, ceiling lamps, doorways and cabinets for dust. Wipe it down and use a cleaner to remove any built-up grime that the duster misses.


3. Polish the brass around your house. Over time, neglected brass takes on a dull brownish green hue. Restore its luster to ring in the New Year with style! Clean the brush using a solution of one part vinegar to three parts salt. Scrub it well using a rag. Next, use a brass shining product to restore the sparkling finish.


4. Deep clean the tile grout. Mildew and mold thrive in steamy bathrooms. One of their habitats of choice is the grout between ceramic tiles. Scrub the tiles with a specialized cleaner and an old toothbrush. Allow the cleaner to sit for at least fifteen minutes to tackle the toughest grime. Wash the area thoroughly after using the caustic solution. If your residential cleaning service offers grout cleaning, it is worthwhile to invest in it.


5. Open your computer and dust it. If you’ve ever dared to open your computer’s tower, you’ve probably been greeted by wads of dust and hair the size of small cats. This dust can clog up fans and cause fires if the computer overheats. After opening the chassis, ground yourself by touching the frame to eliminate any static charges. Blow out the system with compressed air, and use dry cotton swabs to remove pesky dust build up along fans, circuit boards and vents.


6. Shred junk mail and outdated documents. At least yearly, clean up your junk mail file and protect yourself from identity theft. Shred your junk mail using a professional shredding service or a personal shredder. If you have a chiminea or outdoor fireplace, use the shredded paper as kindling to start a cozy fire in the early spring. You can also use the finely shredded paper as cushioning in a box mailed to relatives. As long as the text is properly shredded and cannot be read, your information will be safe.


7. Wash the walls. Once a year, take down all of your paintings, pictures and wall décor to scrub the walls themselves. Use a mixture of lukewarm water and mild detergent. Beginning in the corner of the room, liberally splash the watery mix on the walls and scrub in a circular pattern with a clean old rag. Take care to not strip paint or wallpaper while scrubbing.


8. Mop beneath the appliances. During spring cleaning, make a pact with three of the strongest guys you know to spend a weekend moving large appliances around your home while you clean beneath them. Dust, food and dirt build up in these areas and can irritate allergies or even start a fire if allowed to build up over a long period of time near your oven. Don’t forget to clean the walls and cabinets around these appliances, too.


9. Clean the oven. Another task that everyone would rather ignore is cleaning the oven. While your NJ maid service will clean the stovetop, they probably won’t clean the inside of the oven. Built-up spills and food debris will burn and make the oven smell terrible over time. Once each year, buy a pair of sturdy kitchen gloves, a container of oven cleaner and a rag to clean it with. Spray the cleaner in the oven following the product’s directions and wipe it clean. It’s also a good idea to clean the stovetop burners and oven racks.


10. Launder all the household linens. Take down the curtains, comforters, pillow covers and all other decorative linens for a laundering. Remember to read the labels on each piece to avoid shrinking or damaging any of the cloths. Allow them to dry fully before replacing them around the house. You can also have a reputable New Jersey maid service like Maid for Mommy assist with the task, though you may need to pay an extra fee.


From everyone at, have a very happy New Year!


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