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11/13/09 Keeping School Stuff from Messing Up Your Home


Keeping School Stuff from Messing Up Your Home


While it’s nice to have your children back in school again (whew), the messes they bring home are beginning to make you batty, aren’t they?  From papers to books, unknown wet things to their dirty shoes, it seems that school isn’t outside the home anymore, it’s being dragged into your life as well.


Thankfully, there are a number of ways to clean up these messes and prevent them from happening in the first place.  You are the first line of house cleaning defense against the school clutter.  Here’s what you need to do.


Prevent School Chaos in Your Home


One of the easiest ways to minimize your house cleaning efforts is to start the year off with separate containers for each of your kids.  These can be little plastic milk crate cubes or perhaps those newer fabric cubes.  Easy to stack and to move, these cubes will become where your kids put their stuff. 


As a result, all of their things will be in one place where you can look at them and where your kids can easily find what they need.  Perhaps things which need to be signed by you can go on the counter, but everything else needs to stay in these cubes, for example.


Cleaning Up the Kids’ Clutter


Once the kids have already made a mess, it’s time to make cleaning up a family affair.  Start by having the kids focus on getting rid of anything they don’t need or that needs to be thrown away.  As soon as that step is done, then they can go through their stuff to see what needs to be done (i.e. homework, permission slips, etc.).  And then your kids can put their things away in a cube or on their personal desk to keep things in order – and out of your way too.


Maid for Mommy maids can help you organize your life by starting you off with a clean home.  Once your home is clean, then it’s much easier to maintain the cleanliness and the order you need to keep your sanity (and the school year) under control.

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