Time for a deep cleaning now that winter is gone

Now that winter

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning.

Giving Your Maid Constructive Criticism

10/3/09 Tis the Season for Fall Cleaning…


Tis the Season for Fall Cleaning…


As the days begin to grow shorter and the windows stay shut more often, you begin to pull out your sweaters and jackets, but you also begin to notice something else in the air - lots of dust. 


When you had the windows open all the time or you were outside by the pool, you didn’t notice the dirt that built up, even as you were cleaning.


So, as the fall begins and the cooler weather sticks around, it’s time to start thinking about house cleaning.  Whether you choose to use a residential cleaning service or not, your home needs your attention right now – before the snow or the rain begins to fall.


Clean Up Before You Close Up for the Winter


When you close up the windows to your home, you’re going to find your home feels stuffier – and it is.  As the windows stay closed, air can’t circulate as well and you begin to breathe in any of the dirt that’s built up in your vents as the summer months passed.


Disgusting?  A little bit.  But a maid service or just some elbow grease will get things under control.


If you clean now, you can keep the dirt and dust buildup to a minimum – and that’s going to mean you breathe easier the entire year.


Here are some tips to get your home ready for the colder part of the year:


  • Clean entire house from top to bottom – This is a great time of year to scrub every surface in the house, vacuum and steam clean every floor, and dust every nook and cranny.  Get the whole family together for a house cleaning party of sorts.


  • Create a house cleaning schedule – If you want to keep your New Jersey home clean, you need to figure out a schedule.  Remember that if you simply pick up after yourself, that’s half the battle.  Otherwise, try to create weekly chores for the whole family to do – bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining rooms, etc.


  • Think about a New Jersey residential cleaning service – Okay, we admit it, we’d like to help you give your home that extra special shine right before the holidays begin to arrive (all too soon, as usual) and the winds begin to blow.  We can help you take that item off your To Do list so you can focus on other things – like all of the OTHER things in your day planner.  Maid for Mommy is here for you!


And if you need help with the house cleaning of your New Jersey home, Maid for Mommy residential cleaning service is always ready to help!


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