Time for a deep cleaning now that winter is gone

Now that winter

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning.

Giving Your Maid Constructive Criticism


After Construction Clean Up

What A Mess!

No matter how excited you might be about the new renovations in your home, it's hard to stay excited when you see the mess that's left in your house.

From construction dust from sheetrock to simple dirt that's been tracked though your home, Maid for Mommy residential cleaning services can help you restore order to your home – and enjoy the results of your new additions.

Our maids will come in and clean up all of the surfaces in your home, helping to remove dust, debris, sawdust, and other dirt that's piled up as soon as the construction workers left.

We'll clean up the cupboards, countertops, floors, baseboards, and carpets to ensure your home is as clean as possible. A newly renovated home deserves to be as clean as it is beautiful.

Whether the renovation project just ended or it's been a while since your home was redone, Maid for Mommy will help you polish up those new changes and help restore the shine to your house.

Our maids will also:

  • Clean the fireplaces
  • Clean up your woodwork
  • Clean the bathroom surfaces – tubs, sinks, tiles, etc.
  • Clean up the appliances
  • Wash the windows

We want to make sure there's no trace that construction workers were even in your Central and Southern New Jersey home. All you should see are the results, not the mess

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